Connecting underserved rural communities to essential resources 

Front Porch is an organization committed to connecting rural populations in low-income countries to resources required to improve the conditions of life and expand economic opportunities.

Our projects seek to strengthen local communities around the world through sustainable, community-driven programs.

We are a diverse collaborative of leaders and partners combining our knowledge to better serve communities in need.

At Front Porch we acknowledge how stories often connect us to new and different perspectives.  Please stay up to date with our latest news.


Front Porch is a gathering place where ideas are cultivated, bonds are formed, and community happens. It is the interface between public and private space.


The impetus behind our projects come from our lifelong connection to a sense of rural cohesion that we have experienced throughout our lives. We have lived in and contributed to rural communities and experienced their strengths and weaknesses. We grew up in a state of relative poverty, which, in this country, exposes citizens to limitations such as inadequate health care, nutrition, and education. Resources, however, in our high- income economy are generally easier to access than those in low-income countries of the world.


In our later years, as travel and overseas projects have brought us to various isolated areas in Nepal and Haiti, we have been astounded at the incredible lack that rural communities face, and yet have also experienced the profound kindness of these virtual strangers. When faced with smiling faces and a genuine concern for our well-being, we couldn’t help but notice the general state of poverty and stagnation—and the connection to needed resources being scarce. These resources start at the very root of existence—clean water, basic shelter, nutritious food—as well as less quantifiable resources, such as education. In these most isolated areas, something as basic as a school can make the difference between a community achieving a life beyond survival or not.



Please help support Front Porch in connecting rural communities to essential resources in underserved countries. 

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Front Porch makes a significant impact considering our small organization. Because we maintain low operational costs, your donation will go further to impact the communities we serve.

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