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Front Porch is an organization committed to connecting rural populations  to resources required to improve the conditions of life and expand economic opportunities.


In low-income rural populations around the world, a pattern exists in which the people of these communities lack access to resources that they need not only to survive, but to thrive. Over 2/3 of these populations have limited or no access to necessities, including adequate shelter, potable water, education, and health care. The most isolated communities are often outside the view and awareness of governmental and non-governmental agencies and are the last people to receive needed help—if help is provided at all. These are the communities that we serve, as they are the most entrenched in the poverty cycle. 



We help communities define their needs through a community visioning process and provide the strategies needed to access resources. This may come in the form of seed money to get a school or resource center built, connection to agency support and/or training, providing guidance to local leaders in navigating resources accessibility, connecting people with needed tools or technology to learn or improve skills, the design, materials and program to build a community resource center—the opportunities are endless. Once we help identify a community’s needs, Front Porch provides assistance by preparing a plan, establishing the program, and facilitating the creation of a long-term process to maintain progress and function.

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