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Our projects seek to strengthen local communities around the world through sustainable, community-driven programs. In partnership with in-country liaisons, we identify potential and appropriate resource needs, such as skills training and technology to establish local independent industry, housing, market crops, and the development of sustainable land use. We then help communities define their focus through a process called Community Visioning, which in part provides the guidance and strategies needed to access resources, including seed or gap funding to accomplish each targeted project.

Look for status updates soon as we explore leads on potential projects nationally and internationally. Visit our NARRATIVE to follow our projects.

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The Samudāya Learning Garden Center-Nepal

The Samudāya Learning Garden Center project answers the need to improve food security and implement multi-year, resilience-focused development activities in rural Nepal and is in direct support of KRMEF’s goals to create and implement environmentally responsible programs, promote and encourage sustainable community development, and empower women.


Shelter - Haiti

Senp Kay introduced by Front Porch is the first structure in Haiti constructed utilizing prefabricated, tilt-up, plastic bottle filled panels and light straw-clay walls. It was designed and constructed as an innovative solution for low-tech, sustainable housing for low income communities in emergent nations


Shelter - Haiti

The Ti Kay Pay was designed to use as many in-country and local materials as possible, to build on existing labor and skill resources, and to encourage the creation of local industry.  From the foundation to the roof, material and building system choices were made with these goals in mind.

Shelter - Nepal

In April and May 2015 Nepal was devastated by two earthquakes measuring 7.8 and 7.3 magnitude, resulting in over 25,000 deaths and injuries and the damage and destruction of an estimated 750,000 homes. During the past three years Front Porch has collaborated with Builders Without Borders on the design and construction of a model sustainable building called Paral Ko Ghar (House of Straw) located at the Kevin Rohan Memorial Eco Foundation in Kathmandu.

The design of this structure incorporates locally available materials of stone, bamboo, straw, wood, sand and clay rich soil. The straw bale walls are highly insulating and together with the staw/clay ceiling insulation help keep the interior space warm in the winter and cool during summer.

The design concept and objective is to honor the social and cultural aesthetic and functionality of the local region, and contribute toward sustainable, durable and resilient housing model in Nepal that is earthquake resistant.

Construction is now completed and we foresee its’ completion to be instrumental an step in the propagation of other culturally and seismically appropriate natural building projects in the near future for Nepal.

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