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2nd Anniversary of front porch

Updated: Apr 9, 2022

We are excited to be celebrating front porch's 2nd anniversary this coming January!

Throughout the past 2 years, front porch has experienced steady growth as we have built pivotal relationships shaped through our mission's lens. Together with you, we have been able to help support rural community efforts both locally and internationally, and for that we are deeply grateful. This has been an incredibly rewarding experience for us—and we are ready for more.

As front porch prepares for the coming year, we’ve taken some time to reflect and invite you to join us as our third year unfolds as a nonprofit organization.


Covid-19 Relief


$3,157 in donations

1,818 pounds of food distributed

2,200 people fed

"We are trying to find a new way of surviving since the COVID effect is very heavy for the foundation and for many parts of Nepal. I believe it is everywhere in the World. Thank you so much for your kind and generous support that enabled us to do our work here.”

-Krishna Gurung, Founder, KRMEF

Tree of Hope


75 fruit trees planted

The Tree of Hope program aims to "promote health and the environment through a synergy of man and land," by planting fruit trees in common areas and along the community's roads. Through generous gifts, rural families have been able to create long-term solutions to securing fresh produce while nurturing the earth by planting trees that are complementary and/or native to Nepal.

Food Drive

50 local families reached

In 2021, front porch aligned its efforts with those of Good Neighbors, a local food pantry based in our community in Western Massachusetts. Good Neighbors is dedicated to providing much-needed fresh, local food and pantry staples to over 50 families. front porch has been able to contribute directly to this effort by supplying fresh herbs and produce grown organically on our very own farm.

Covid-19 Clinic


$10,000 in-kind donation

front porch also had the opportunity to reconnect with community needs in Haiti. Just after the country’s devastating 2010 earthquake, our founder Andy Mueller traveled there to assist in the rebuilding efforts. Along with a team of local and foreign volunteers, he was able to develop seismically responsive homes built from both in-country post-consumer waste and sustainably sourced materials.

During this time, Andy and his crew constructed two demonstration buildings , one of which have since been used to house the work of the Tikay organization. Tikay has thus been able to provide a safe and independent environment in which to operate an HIV and tuberculosis clinic as well as outreach programs to connect hundreds of Haitians with much needed health services each year.

As owners of the buildings, front porch was in a unique position to help support the clinic’s pivot of focus to the coronavirus: A donation of the building to the organization would allow Tikay to continue with their work with a bit less stress, knowing that they would not have to direct any of their funds to the building's rental fees. front porch’s in-kind gift amplified the clinic's growth and outreach to Haitians affected by COVID-19.

2022: The Learning Garden Center

building health and community resilience one garden at a time

Elevate food security

Build community resilience

Create inclusive economic opportunities

Increase soil biodiversity

Advance social & emotional wellbeing

Promote gender equality

In collaboration with KRMEF, the Samudāya Learning Garden Center is a hands-on, immersive experience in which participants will learn and apply skills needed to grow their own organic food within the community.

Nepal’s situation is dire: 14 million people live in multidimensional poverty, and the pandemic has worsened food insecurity. 4.6 million are food-insecure and nearly half of all children under 2 years old do not meet minimum daily dietary requirements.

This project answers the need to improve food security and implement multi-year, resilience-focused development activities in rural Nepal.

Development is well underway and to continue, we need your support. We are especially grateful for your donation of any amount as front porch works to meet our fundraising goal of $29,000. Your tax-deductible contributions will allow this collaborative grassroots initiative reduce the risk of food insecurity and move families towards a healthier, more enriched life.


Donate $1000 or more and become a Founding Sponsor

Donations received by December 31 will be matched up to $7,500 through a generous grant from the Cold Mountain Fund of RSF Social Finance in San Francisco to ensure this program’s successful launch in 2022.

We ask you to please give what you can.


We at front porch extend our wishes for a bright and inspiring start to 2022. Thank you again for your support in connecting resources to those in need. Stay tuned as we embark on our new project in Nepal!

With gratitude,

the front porch family

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