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a rewilding education is one that is self-directed through curiosity, bolstered by a foundation of reconnecting to the natural world around us

front porch is aiding the development of a unique rewilding curriculum at the Ankuran School in Khahare to inspire transformational change and strengthen community resilience.

An education based on rewilding encourages just what its name implies: a return to the rhythms of the wild. Rewilding fosters a child’s connection to the earth in such a way that the child not only learns about the natural world, but also how it’s perceived through their senses, how to care for it, and what it means to us holistically.

Through rewilding, a reattachment to the natural world deepens Nepali students' relationships with the environment surrounding and sustaining them, building confidence that the tide can turn from Nepal's decades-long detachment from the earth itself into true interconnectedness with our planet.

front porch is an organization committed to connecting rural populations to resources required to improve the conditions of life, strengthen community connection and resilience, and expand economic opportunities

Your generous tax -deductible contribution will help change the lives of some of the most in need people throughout the world.


front porch makes a significant impact considering our small organization. Because we maintain low operational costs, your donation will go further to impact the communities we serve.

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